Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Great Summer Read!

There have been times in my life when I wished I had a redo button.  Circumstances of my life were not quite as I had envisioned.  Such was the case with Emily Aulenbach.
Product DetailsSynopsis:
 On the surface, Emily had a good life, married to a man she loves, nice home, nice car, decent salaries.  But, Emily was  unhappy with her life.  Her job is very demanding, leaving little time for anything else.  While cell phones, laptops, and other technology allow for constant connectivity, Emily feels alone and very much disconnected.  This feeling leads Emily to her decision to "escape".  Emily's escape takes her to a place from her youth, and a more carefree time in her life.
My Thoughts:
Escape is the perfect book to while sitting in your favorite chair, with beverage and a snack.  Emily's journey to find herself is very compassionate and at times a bit heart rending. Barbara Delinsky does an excellent job of developing her characters in this book. I found myself envisioning scenes of the story play out before me as I read.  At times, I felt as if I was eavesdropping on private conversations of the characters.  The characters are both believable and empathetic.  The story line is evenly paced with just enough intrigue to keep my interest, but not so much that I was unable to sleep at night.
Escape reminds its readers of the importance to "escape" from our own lives from time to time.  Taking time for ourselves and reevaluating our priorities may be difficult in our fast paced, technology driven lives.  However, taking time to reduce our stress levels and reconnect to what is really important in our lives is a necessary reality.
By Celeste Thomas 
4.5/ 5
Please visit Barbara on her Facebook Page, Twitter, and Website.  Be sure to check out her new novel  Sweet Salt  Air.

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