Thursday, July 25, 2013

Come take a ride on the Titanic!

Have you ever been on a job search and you know that you don’t want to stay on the job you have?  Then look for the opportunity that might give you some growth.


Tess Collins can’t wait to leave the job she has working as a maid at this house.   Her dream is to make dresses and be paid well for it.   She hears that this new ship Titanic might be hiring for the voyage to America.   Once she makes it to the ship it is too late to be considered for crew.  There is an argument over to the side as Lady Duff Gordon is trying to decide what to do with no maid for the voyage.  Tess sees this as her opportunity and makes the acquaintance of the Duff Gordons.   She is hired and starts working on the ship.  Who will she meet?  On the night of the sinking Tess has to think fast on how to protect those she cares about, but she gets separated from them.  She winds up in a different lifeboat than the Duff Gordons.   What really happened in their lifeboat.  What will Tess do?  Protect the Duff Gordons?  Or stand up for what she believes?

My Thoughts:

This is the first Historical Fiction novel I have really enjoyed in a longtime.  Others have been recommended to me but this one is by far the best.   This novel covers the events of the sinking through the characters of The Duff Gordons, Tess Collins, Margaret Brown, and Jim Bonney.   Once the ship pulled into port reporters and government officials wanted to know what really happened.  The characters of Senator Smith and Sarah Pinky Wade a reporter for the New York Times help bring the story of the hearings to life.  Everyone knows about the sinking and the trials but in how much detail?

I enjoyed hearing about the struggles and choices of Tess.  There is also a love triangle between Tess, Jim, and another character.   I could identify with Tess’s character and some of the hard choices she had to face.  

The story is a moving one to that keeps pace throughout the novel.   I didn’t really have any downside.  Only if the author doesn’t plan to write more.  A well-developed tale and characters you want to fight for.



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