Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Who Puts Out the Fire?

Product DetailsHave you ever felt frustrated!  Life not going your way?    Have I got a story for you!    In Slow Burn the fifth novel in the Buchanan series we Kate MacKenna and her sisters.


  It all started with the wonder bra!   Kate was on her way to an exhibit when an explosion occurs.   She wakes to find   paramedics and policemen looking her over.   Kate brushes off the explosion as nothing more than bad luck.  She starts to put it behind her when asked to come to Boston by her friend Jordan Buchanan.   Kate meets up again with the Buchanan family who she knows well, and one in particular brother Dylan Buchanan.   After one night together she leave quickly but her luck doesn’t change.  Who is out to harm Kate?  Will she and Dylan hook up?

My Thoughts:

If you are excitedly waiting for Julie’s next novel.  Then I suggest you either revisit Slow Burn or read it for the first.  I happened to be able to listen to the audiobook this time around.  I have listened to others on audio that are by Julie Garwood and this one is the best!  I thought the reader did a great job!

Ms. Garwood tells stories with much humor and wonderful plot.    She employs a form irony which pokes fun at her characters which creates an entertaining read. 
One side note if you have followed her other novels then you will know that they relate back to one another. 



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