Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chill Out with us for Tales From the Laundry Pile!

Product DetailsHave you ever felt overwhelmed by your daily routine?  Does motherhood sometimes feel like the hardest job, yet most rewarding job you ever had?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Tales From The Laundry Pile by Kathleen Kole is a book with which you can relate and relax.
Claire Jaimeson, her husband, and their twin boys have recently moved back to Boxwood Hills.   After four years of living in the city, Claire and her husband have decided that the slower lifestyle of a small town is preferable for raising their boys than the fast pace of the city.  However, the move back to Boxwood Hills is not without its complications.  Moving and setting up house is stressful enough when you are single, but when you are married and have twin four year old boys to look after the "to do" list is never done. Additionally, there is the tightrope of dealing with their in-laws who both live within walking distance of Claire and Jake's new home.   The stressors in Claire's life are increasing daily, and a full blown breakdown seems eminent.  Will she survive? 
My Thoughts:
Tales From The Laundry is the first book I have read by Kathleen Kole.  It is a lighthearted, fun, and easy to read book.  While I do not characterize this book as a page turner or a book I could not put down.  It is a perfect read for relaxing at the beach, or by the pool, or even getting your hair done.  Then character development is a bit slow, but the characters are interesting enough to keep the reader reading.  I look forward to reading more books by Kathleen Kole.

By Celeste Thomas

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