Monday, June 10, 2013

The Look For Less!

I have learned to like fashion.  One of my favorite shows on the Style Network was The Look For Less.  The show would sometimes have two contestants.  These contestants would work with a personal shopper to find a look for an event.  The show would start with the host introducing the location and one contestant’s need.  Then the personal shopper would be introduced.   The contestant would choose from three runway looks.  Once the choice was made the contestant and personal shopper would have a limited amount of time to find this outfit.
I had a thought one day what about cover art of a novel?  Could one go shopping on a budget copy the cover art of an outfit for an event?

I did not work with a personal shopper and I worked with no time limit, but I did have a budget.  My budget was $100.00.  Now for the choice of cover art, I chose the novel The Good Daughter by Jane Porter.   The event was for a dress to wear for Easter Sunday service.

I visited Belks, Dress Barn, and Kohls.  I was able to find the items.
The skirt                          $48.00
Top                                   $20.00
Hat                                I used my Kohls cash and got it for free.
Total:                              $68.00
Did I make my budget?  Yes!

How do I look?


 What cover art might you shop for?

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