Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Final Chapter: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay (The Final Book of The Hunger Games)
What will happen next?  When last we left Katniss she was in a hovercraft heading towards district 13.  


Katniss wakes up in district 13 with a decision to make about her future.  Will she become the Mockingjay?  The symbol of the rebellion and unite the other districts.  This decision is not one that she wants to make.   Katniss just wants to live peacefully and hunt in district 12.  Since this is not an option she is forced to rely on her friend Gale and Fennick who helped her escape the last games.   Katniss makes the decision to become the Mockingjay but at what cost?  Who is controlling her now?  What future will she have?

My Thoughts:

Well now that the book is finished now and the wait for the movie begins.  I wasn’t sure about how this novel ended.   I felt there were some questions left unanswered.   Katniss is a pawn for other people always in this series.  Where is her freedom?   I think in some ways that question will be answered in this novel.    I still enjoyed it and had no trouble reading it.  The author was successful in communicating Katniss’s conflict with authority and wanting her own freedom that occasionally it made me uncomfortable to read.

What makes a great thriller?  For me this is a book that captures my interest from start to finish.   I am not spending a page reading about the chair in the corner.   I read another what I would term a thriller in the Bourne Ultimatum.  I felt that I got lost in the details where Mockingjay just kept moving.  What are your thoughts?



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