Monday, April 16, 2012

Study the Colors with Marian L. Thomas

Welcome Marian L. Thomas to Writer’s Corner.   Marian is visiting us via Chick Lit The New Black Blog Tours.  


Simone, Naya, Mona, and Misty all have a connection they find through circumstances.  Naya suffers a great loss in her life but might find something more if her heart is open to it.  Mona has secrets and is afraid of what those secrets might reveal to the important people in her life.   Simone makes an important discovery about her past but will she have courage to move forward?  Misty has made enemies in the past  but can she make peace? 

This novel focused on the ability to forgive and move forward.  The phrase strings of color was used often in this novel.   The definition for strings of color to me is the circumstances that come with your path through life.   We all have choices on how to handle these different colors or circumstances.   What will our path be?  Will we choose to love instead of despising the people in our lives?

My Thoughts:

I liked this novel.  I found it easy to read.  I could also identify with many of the characters struggles.  I found the subject matter of this novel heavier than I expected.   I loved the way the author handled these topics with grace and perseverance.   I did feel that I was missing something from not reading the previous books.  Overall I felt this was a good book to read and become totally engrossed in.

Forgiveness is a main issue in this novel.   How do we forgive those who have caused us great pain?  Can we move past those circumstances?  I wonder what colors would be associated with the strings of color?

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  1. Thank you for the post and for the review. I'm glad that you liked the book, that means a great deal!