Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Visit with Wendy Wax

Wendy is here to share about her new book Ocean’s Beach.  The book is set in Miami on South Beach.  She prefers to write about women reinventing themselves and sometimes this involves writing about tough topics and in groups. 

Wendy refreshed the group about Ten Beach Road characters and bringing them forward with the new book Ocean’s Beach.  In this book it is six months later and the women have been invited to be part of a reality television show for the Lifetime television network.   The goal is to renovate a star’s home in Miami. 

We then started talking about the beginning of Wendy’s writing career which started in Romantic comedy.  There was a progression in her writing to detail more a women’s journey in life.   She said the best part of writing a sequel is she already knew the characters.   A book for Wendy usually takes about eight to nine months to write.

   A woman in the group asked if e-books really affected her writing.    It is more about the process and what goes into writing.  It really comes down to publishing and the marketing the work. 

Wendy then shared the story behind one of her previous novels the Accidental Best Seller.   Wendy had been writing romances for Harlequin.    Her writing then progressed to writing about the women’s’ journey.   She was unhappy with how the publisher handled her work and the Accidental Bestseller was born from this experience.  

Come and hang out with Wendy at facebook, e-mail or her website.  Or you  can also visit her on tour.

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