Monday, July 2, 2012

My Visit with Claire Cook

Recently I was able to sit down with Claire Cook and talk about her new book Wall Flower in In Bloom.   She was recently nominated by Galleycat (Popular Publishing Magazine) her work on Wall Flower’s In Bloom which is connected to Dancing with the Stars. 


Claire then shared about the story behind Wall Flower in Bloom.  What if a celebrity’s assistant who is related suddenly decides she wants a change?  This assistant lives vicariously through her brother.   He is considered a golden boy in other words can do no wrong.    The assistant has a meltdown and considers walking away…  She copes with vodka and Ben and Jerrys.   Then she finds out Dancing with the Stars and writes and impassioned document pleading to be on Dancing with the Stars.   What would happen if a noncelebrity actually was to get on the show?   The show might think it is her brother actually applying.

 Claire then shared about the writing process and all that went into Wall Flowers in Bloom.   She confronts the question do average people really want the fame?  Is it easy to have a normal life after the fame? 

Claire strives through her writing to focus on normal women’s lives.    They can also be very interesting.  She likes to keep age very vague so it appeals to all generations.     She likes to keep age very vague so it appeals to all generations.     

 When she decided to start her writing career she made the choice to write.  How did you make the transition into writing?    Claire chose writing earlier in life.    She started with not knowing what to write.   She taught physical education for ten years, and then hid from writing because of fear of getting started.   Claire is very grateful for her readers.   She enjoys meeting writers in different venues.   

Claire is now with Touchstone books which is an Imprint of Simon and Schuster.     Claire had a meeting with Sally Kim at Touchstone and has loved her experience with them.  Claire has recently moved to the Atlanta area.

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