Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What Influence Do Secrets from the Past have on the Future?

Thank you to Litfuse for introducing me to the author Anita Higman.  Litfuse used to promote Christian authors, but have sadly shut their doors.   Today I am sharing Anita Higman’s novel Winter in Full Bloom.  What would happen if you never knew your sister?  What if you suddenly were given this information?  What would you the reader do with it? Would you try to reconnect?


Lily Winter is on the way to visit her mother.  They live in separate parts of town.  It has never been a very warm relationship.  Her mother tells her that she has a twin sister Camille who has been living her life in Melbourne Australia.  She was adopted when the girls were little.  Lily decides to go to Melbourne despite her mother’s misgivings.  What would she find once she got there?  Would Camille consider having a relationship with her again?  Lily starts her trip by running into a complete stranger Marcus.  They come to enjoy one another’s company.  He persuades Camille to give Lily a chance.  Once their relationship is renewed how can it grow?   Will Marcus persue Lily once she goes home?

My Thoughts:

This novel started out really well.  I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next.  The middle of the story really lost my interest.  I wish I could say that I liked this story more.  It had the ideal setting of Melbourne Australia and Texas.  I may try to read it again one day in the future.


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