Thursday, December 21, 2017

Merry Christmas from McClellanville South Carolina!

This year we get to celebrate Christmas with Mary Alice Monroe. She shares the first Christmas of Taylor and Harper’s with their baby girl Marietta. Mary Alice takes us back to the low country in A Low Country Christmas. She shares the story of Taylor and his first Christmas after coming back from war in Afghanistan. This is book number five in the Summer Girls series.


All Miller wants for Christmas is a dog. He knows exactly which one he wants. At home his mom is getting everything together to help prep for Christmas. The only source of stress for the family is the fact that both Miller and Taylor’s father had to park his shrimp boat. What kind of Christmas will it be? The family with great excitement welcomes Taylor home. She expresses this to her son Miller that this is the best Christmas present. When Taylor comes home everything is different. It also causes conflict between the two brothers. He spends most of his time in his room. Until one day a call comes to the house saying that Taylor will get his service dog that he applied for. Will everyone be happy about this dog being in the house? Will the brothers make up before Christmas?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed the story of Taylor and his service dog Thor. The theme of this story is the importance of service dogs, and what they do to help vets recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Why are they important in helping vets who suffer from PTSD? I love how Mary Alice incorporates a true cause with a great story. She writes believable characters that will enthrall readers and bring them back for more.
MaryAlice’s next novel is blank. You can preorder it here.

Merry Christmas from Writer’s Corner!



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