Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Are You Ready for Your Holiday Getaway?

It is time for another Nora Robert’s adventure in Come Sundown.  This time readers visit the Bodine Ranch and Resort in Montana.  We meet the Longbow family  who work  both ranch and resort.  Bodine runs the resort while her father runs the ranch.  There is a dark secret that could impact her family, and bring back a missing relative.


Alice Bodine wants to go home until she meets her worst nightmare.  He goes by the name Sir.  Alice thought she was getting a ride to come home and instead ended up in a prison where her capture Sir abuses and forces her to have his children.

 Meanwhile on the ranch in the present Bodine is busy running the ranch resort and meeting new hires.  Business is good especially when Callen comes back to town to work for the family. He is an old family friend who fits in easily and is very helpful at the ranch and the resort.  Callen also has a very special horse.   When women start disappearing will Bodine be next on their list?  What happens when Alice reappears?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this novel. Nora Roberts does a great job with world building in creating a setting, for her stories.  She creates memorable strong characters such as Bodine Longbow.   Her romance with Callen is great but not the major part of the story.  I loved Callen’s horse!  I was totally creeped out by Sir and felt for Alice’s circumstances.

Come Sundown came with high recommendations!   I did not love the length of the novel, and felt that in the future that I would have enjoyed the novel more as an audiobook.  I always love visiting Nora’s world and look forward to her next novel.    



Her current novel is Year One and can be purchased here.

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