Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What Secrets Lie Within Your Family?

What family secrets do you have? Do you share them with others outside your family? What secrets from the past haunt your family in the present? In Burying the Honeysuckle Girls by Emily Carpenter one family’s secrets pose a threat to the future.


Althea Bell’s family has secrets. I mean big secrets. Women in her family reach their thirtieth birthday, and lose their minds. They are diagnosed with schizophrenia. These women disappear never to be heard from again. Althea is nearing her thirtieth birthday. She has recently been released from drug rehabilitation center. She is recovering from an addiction to pain pills her mother gave her. Althea comes home to a father who has Alzheimer’s. Her brother is getting ready to run for governor in the state of Alabama. So they do not need her coming home to ruin things. Her welcome is about as warms as a freezer. When she realizes she can’t stay at home she turns to her friend Jay. Althea starts to go down the same path as the other women in her family. Will she be able to put together what happened to these women? Why does it always occur around their thirtieth birthday? Is there an end to this tragic family secret?

My Thoughts:

I loved this book! At first the main flaw of the protagonist character was a little bit of a turn off. Althea's drug addiction made me unsure of where the story would go. I was happy to continue! I like escape reads. I happened to be recovering from surgery so this book was the perfect book to read while recovering. This book was the debut for Emily Carpenter. It is well written! The story is set in rural Alabama. Each page will leave you wanting to come back for more till the mystery is solved. 



Emily’s current book is The Weight of Lies.

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