Thursday, August 3, 2017

One Definitely To Include In Your Beach Bag!

So what are you going to take in your beach bag this year? Would it include one Good Thing by Wendy Wax? My sister asked me does Wendy Wax have anything new out? Yes, of course she does! One Good Thing is the finale of The Ten Beach Road series


The book opens with Maddie and William Hightower on a date. While out with Will; he asks when Maddie will have the freedom to make her own choices. She cannot leave things as they are right now with the ladies. They are still trying to get the inn up and running and sell the remaining cottages. Kyra keeps the loan that she made against Bella Flora a secret. She hopes that she will be reimbursed by the proceeds of the sale of their version of Do Over. When Kyra and Avery meet with the lawyer and he offers a way to get out of the contract but not much else. They realize that they have to find a way to salvage their latest project.  Meanwhile Nikki is very pregnant with twins and on bedrest, and driving everyone else crazy with her demands. How can they save Bella Flora, the inn, and their future?

My Thoughts:

The Ten Beach Road series by Wendy Wax is one that I have come to love! She created characters that the readers can truly care about. My mission through reading this book was to see Nikki get a happy ending. I was going to be very upset if that did not happen. When Sunshine Beach ended the project was not really over. One Good Thing is more like a part two of Sunshine Beach. I hated to have to say good bye to these characters! Maybe we might see a special Ten Beach Road book from Wendy Wax in the future with our beloved characters? This book is a very easy read. I flew through the pages. I can’t wait to read what she comes up with next!



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