Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Going Below the Surface with Lysa Terkeurst

In my journey through the other side of cancer God has called me to a specific direction. He used a scene from the movie War Room to open my eyes to application of his word, the bible. I learn what it means to be a prayer warrior, in the Priscilla Shirer study Armor of God. I am healing from cancer and some changes have occurred both positive and negative. I prayed about my loneliness and God brought me to the next study, which is Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst. Have you ever felt less than, left out or lonely?

For this review I will be discussing both the book and the Bible study guide. Both books have a beautiful cover!

The bible study guide is divided into seven sessions. Each session begins with an outline of Lysa’s teaching. I am not going to go into great detail because I had no access to this teaching which was done on video. Then the week’s session proceeds into a group bible study. Then the rest of the homework is personal. The personal study sections go deeper into the teaching. It focuses on application. The study begins with the participants reading the first three chapters of the Uninvited book. Then Lysa teaches on those in-depth in the personal sections. The participant is also asked to read other chapters on certain days.

What is this study about? How to handle rejection when attacked. ? What is God’s plan when you experience rejection? How do we live when feeling less than and lonely? How can we help others?

My Thoughts:

I loved this study! The structure was different than what I was used to, in previous bible studies. I loved how it really connected with Armor of God.  The connection in application is using my war room. I think we as followers all struggle with trying to find what it means to be fully loved. How can we bring the fullness of love, and present that too the world? How can we trust God in the process? I would have liked to have done it with a group but I was still able to learn so much. I plan to put these tools to use in my daily life.


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It is worth your time to get both the book and the study guide.

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