Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Meet the Four Ms. Bradwells

I had the honor of meeting Meg Waite Clayton at the Decatur Book Festival for her book The Race for Paris.  I hope to share that soon as well.  Today we are considering one of Meg’s past novels The Four Ms. Bradwells.  This is a story of friendships that formed long ago.  The story is set against the Washington D.C.  Political scene. Ms. Clayton explores how the choices we make affect others both personally and professionally.


The Ms. Bradwells met in Law school in Constitutional Law in Michigan.  In their first class in professor named Mia, Betts, Ginger, Laney, and Mia the Ms. Bradwells. They have been friends for a long time sharing in one another’s joys and heart breaks.  Now Betts is about to be confirmed for the Supreme Court. She is attending a hearing for confirmation in front of a Senate Subcommittee.  When she is asked about the death of Trey Humphrey that happened years ago one weekend.  Who killed him? Each Ms. Bradwell has a secret about what happened on that weekend.  Will these secrets break this sacred friendship or make them stronger?

My Thoughts:

I liked this novel.  The story is interesting as the reader tries to find out what happened so long ago.  It is told from alternating viewpoints of Mia, Betts, Ginger, and Laney.   Then chapters include both the present and flashbacks I found the plot unpredictable.    This novel has the politics of Washington D.C. as a back drop for this story.  After having been through this previous election season it was not my favorite to read. 
The novel has a satisfying conclusion!



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