Thursday, December 8, 2016

Does one of Beth Harbison's Recent Novels Remind You of a Good Read?

Have you ever had that from the past boyfriend that continues to haunt you in present day?  The guy that you just cannot stop thinking about. What if that relationship had turned out differently? Would it impact the present? Beth Harbison explores relationships that are complex in her novel There is Always Something There To Remind Me.    


There are two stories throughout the novel.  One takes place in the past.   The reader will learn about Erin’s relationship with Nate her boyfriend. What happens with their relationship to cause the present events? Then in the present Erin lives around the D.C. area with her daughter Camilla. Erin also has been seeing this guy who is also single but a widower with a daughter the same age as Camilla.  One night they go out and he pops the question to marry him.  What will her answer be?  Meanwhile Erin's work as an event planner leads to the next big event.  She is planning this big sweet sixteen birthday party.  Her client is a spoiled teenager that has outrageous demands on her time.  Will she be able to pull this party off with success? What happens to her relationship with Nate?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this novel!  I have thought often what would life been like if I had made different choices?  The story is plotted with two different story lines.  One is narrated in third person about the past and Erin’s experience with her boyfriend Nate.  The second story line is narrated in first person. Where the reader will discovery how Erin’s choices in the past impact her current life.

 Beth Harbison always has interesting characters in her novels.  The story is set in the suburbs of Washington D.C.  Which makes it the perfect backdrop for this story?    I found it a little hot and steamy at times which is not my preference, but  a great read!
This story is worth you your time.  

To purchase this novel by Beth Harbison click on the link. Readers can also read A Shoe Addict’s Christmas her current novel.



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