Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How Lucky is Grandma?

Janet Evanovich has a short little adventure with some of your favorite characters.  In her short story Plum Lucky; Stephanie must find Grandma! Where did she go?   Stephanie does not have any pressing cases; she will take the case.


Stephanie's mother asks her to go find Grandma Mazur.  Where did she go?  What has she been doing?  So Stephanie starts on the trail with both Connie Lula’s help.  They track her to Atlantic City in a casino.  Grandma is playing the slots with a wad of cash by her side.   She has hired a bodyguard who keeps his eyes on the rest of the money.  Stephanie asks Grandma Mazur where she got the money? Grandma shares that it came from a bag she found on the street.  Is there more to her story?  When Diesel shows up could this spell danger for Grandma?

My Thoughts:

I liked the story but did not love it.   For me as a reader your learn what to expect from a certain author once you have read many of their novels.  As long as the reader finds it entertaining it is worth the time spent.  I loved how Janet wove some familiar characters such as Stephanie and Grandma.  I am sure that Diesel's character has not been introduced in the Lucky Charms series yet.  I found his interaction with Stephanie interesting. The plot was a little predictable.  There were few surprises.

The reader will enjoy this book!  Stay tuned for the Curious Minds series that Janet has coming out.



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