Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Pregnancy, a Cover Up, and the Mob!

Thank you to Melissa Amster and the ladies at Chick Lit Central for a copy of Gucci Gucci Coo by Sue Margolis.  I am so thankful when opportunities such as this happen.  I get to share this fabulous book.  Sue Margolis is not an author that I have read before.  My readers are in for a great treat!


Ruby runs a shop in the suburbs of London that sells fashionable babywear.  She runs the shop with Chanel but her cousin Stella owns part of the shop as well.  Ruby has to go for annual appointment at St. Luke’s hospital with her gynecologist.  After the appointment she meets this American doctor.   They seem to run into each other often.  Ruby finally agrees to go out with him.  She and the doctor find they have much in common. Jill works at St. Luke's Hospital in the maternity section. She  asks Ruby to speak St. Luke’s Hospital.  Her topic is about the needs of the baby after it has birthed.  Once Ruby speaks the women of the group share their dieting plans.  When a famous actress comes to the shop to do a little shopping Ruby makes a discovery about her pregnancy.  Will these discoveries help or hurt her relationship with the doctor?  Will he be able to keep his job at the hospital?

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed this novel.  The characters are well developed.  They are interesting to get to know, and are entertaining.  These characters have their flaws but it also makes for a more interesting read.  The story is set in a suburb of London England.  The story is told from Ruby’s point of view.

I was not too wild about Sue Margolis’s narration of this novel.



Please visit Sue on her Facebook page and her Website.  

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