Thursday, March 3, 2016

Life's A Beach!

Claire Cook shares another reinvention story in another of her novels Life’s A Beach.  This story is Marshbury Press publication.  How would you change your life?  This tale is a tale of two sisters and a movie shoot. 
Ginger lives in a garage apartment at her parent’s house.  Her mom has decided that it is time to retire and move on with her life.  Will her father agree?  The amount of trash bags in Ginger’s apartment might be hard to get around.  So one night she takes out her sister Geri’s children.  They  are auditioning to be extras for a movie filming in Marshbury.  The only one that gets in is Riley her nephew.  Ginger is then recruited to take him to the set each day and deal with the drama of set parents and their children.  This could be a life changing experience for her but can she let go of the past?
My Thoughts: 
I love that Claire promotes hope for all women at any age of pursuing their passions.   I enjoyed the story.  This novel reflects her  message.  This story may have hit a little close to home for me with Ginger's experiences in the novel.  This story is great for a summer read.   This story discussed what it might be like to work on a movie and how to make jewelry.   It has  excellent dialogue between the characters.  I found the humor  enjoyable  especially when it came from Riley the nephew.  
Claire’s passion is worthy of following and reading!
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