Thursday, January 7, 2016

What is the Next Chapter for the Summer Girls?

Thank you to Simon and Schuster and Gallery books sending me a copy  of Summer Wind for review.  This book is given in exchange for an honest review.  Now to the second book of the Summer Girls series.  When we last left the Summer Girls:  Delphine was headed to the hospital with Carson.  Dora and Harper stayed behind at the house with Mamaw. 


Dora is prepared to move forward with her divorce. She has so much to do until her body tells her otherwise.  Dora winds up in the hospital diagnosed with Broken Heart syndrome.  Her husband Cal soon to be ex-husband wants to bring her back to his condo but without out their son. Dora is determined to do what is right for her autistic son.   She continues to work on getting her life back together.  She decides to let Mamaw and her cousins’ help.  Will she be able to let go of control and relax and take care of herself?  What will happen when a special friend from her past comes back into her life?

My Thoughts: 

This is the second novel in the Summer Girls Series Summer Wind.  I liked it.  The story continued to inform us about Carson and her moving forward.  We learn more about Dora and what her life is like.  I have always dreamed of having an old friend become a love interest such as what happens to Dora.  My most favorite character is Lucille.  She speaks her mind and is not afraid to let you know what she thinks. 

I found the climax of the story to be disappointing.  When you hear about a storm being part of the climax the reader has an expectation of what that might mean.  I expected more from the story than what was actually there in context. Such as how did they survive the storm? Is it like a hurricane?

Still love Mary Alice Monroe!



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