Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Did You Know Samuel Clemens?

Lynn Cullen has come out with her latest novel Twain’s End.   She focuses on the relationship between Mark Twain and Isabel Lyons.  I grew up with the stories of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn which are still read today.  I even toured the city of Hannibal Missouri.   I learned somethings that I didn’t know about Mark Twain in this novel.


Isabel Lyon came from a prosperous family but has suddenly lost all of her wealth.  She enters the world of the domestic help as a governess.  During her job as a governess she meets Samuel Clemens at the Friday night card matches.  Isabel quickly becomes a regular until Mrs. Whitmore the wife of the current position sends her to another family.  Years later she interviews for a job with Samuel Clemens wife as her secretary.  Little did she know that she would be doing more work for Mr. Clemens than his wife?  What will happen in the relationship between Isabel and Samuel?  Will she find a future with him?

My Thoughts:

This is my first novel by Lynn Cullen.  When I met her I wanted to understand why she chose the topics she did since her first novel was about the Mrs. Edgar Allen Poe.  I find the history of Mark Twain interesting!  I didn’t know that he had a secretary.  I was very interested in the characters of Samuel Clemens, Isabel Lyon, Olivia Clemens, Jean Clemens, and Clara Clemens.  Ms. Cullen brings these characters to life brilliantly.  I could follow her style of writing because it is similar to other authors in historical fiction.  I found the history of this family very interesting.  I visited Wikipedia to explore each character.  

The story was enjoyable but slow in some spots.  I might have enjoyed it more as an audiobook.



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