Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Did He Really Do it?

I had the honor of meeting Kimberly Belle about a year ago at her signing in Buckhead.  She then featured her debut novel The Last Breath, which is published by Harlequin.  Would it be a good holiday read?  This is a story that asks the question did he really do it.


Gia is coming home to take care of her dying father.  Her father who has recently been released from prison as her uncle Cal works on the appeal.  The case is the murder of his wife Ella May.   Gia comes home to take responsibility of his care, but where are her siblings Beau and Lexie?  They both still live in the same town, but have failed to show up to help.  Gia and Lexie meet one evening at Road Kill a local watering hole and meet the bartender Jake.  He definitely has a thing for Gia.  While this story is going on we also learn about Ella May and what happened to lead to her death.  Did Ella May’s husband really kill her?  Or was it the neighbor she had an affair with?  Will the siblings be able to make their peace?

My Thoughts: 

I almost want to say that I liked The Last Breath more than The Ones We Trust.  Both are good stories!  I listened to this one which was narrated by Mary Robinette Kowal with the current story and Janet Metzgar who narrated the Ella May story.  They kept the story interesting for me.  This contributed to the plot because I liked how Gia doubted that her father had killed her stepmother.  I thought it refreshing the way Ms. Belle kept us guessing as to what really happened. 

I wasn’t as fond of the narration by Mary Robinette Kowal but was able to adjust over time.  I have heard through the grape vine that Kimberly has finished her next novel! 
I can’t wait to share it!



Please visit Kimberly on her Facebook Page, Twitter, and Her Website.

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