Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Will it Truly Last!

It is time to share the next novel in the Inn BoonsBoro series by Nora Roberts.  A while ago I shared the first novel in the series The Next Always.  For this review I will be focusing on The Last Boyfriend which is the second novel in the series. 


Owen Montgomery is the second oldest brother and is the details man in the Montgomery construction business.  He makes sure everything is covered down to the last permit.  He meticulously plans his moves in both business and life.  While he knows Avery McTavish well he hasn’t always seen her as anything more than a friend since childhood.  Avery is getting impatient at getting the one boyfriend she has always wanted to notice and make a move. How long will she wait?  What will Owen decide?  What will happen when Avery’s long lost mother shows up?  Will the inn finish in time for the big opening?

My Thoughts: 

I found this novel thoroughly entertaining!  It is a romance novel so there is a certain amount of predictability to the story.  The characters are what drive the novel, and make it more enjoyable.  The way Nora Roberts comes up with her character and especially the character of Owen made me laugh.  The easy acceptance of the other characters made for great comical relief.

I also enjoyed watching the progress of the Inn shape up in BoonsBoro.  I hope someday to see the real Inn and visit Turn the Page bookstore.  I listened to the Mr. Andrews narration and very much enjoyed it.



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