Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Is the Air Really Sweet? by Jencey Gortney

What is the price of Sea Salt Air?  These questions and more are answered in Barbara Delinsky’s release of Sweet Salt Air.  I highly recommend this novel as a summer read.  Who is ready to go to the beach?


Nicole is excited to work on her first book to be published with a major publisher.  She is creating a cook book with her friend Charlotte.  Their friendship goes all the way back to childhood.  This sounds like a wonderful summer on the island of Quinnipeague Maine.  There is a secret that might be come between both Nicole and Charlotte that involves Nicole’s husband Julian.    The work on the cookbook is supposed to be a distraction to dealing with Julian’s medical condition multiple Sclerosis.  Can she truly draw comfort from both the blog and her work on the book? How can Charlotte hold both the secret and a friendship with Nicole together through all of this?

My Thoughts: 

I ended up really liking this novel!  I have become a fan recently of Barbara Delinsky’s more recent work.  This novel has two main focuses cooking and Multiple Sclerosis.  These are two interesting topics which added to the plot therefore making it more interesting for the readers.   Cooking coincides with the blog of the main character.  I always find it interesting because an attribute of one of the characters.  Nicole in this book blogs to escape her husband’s condition and the pressure it places on her.  The condition of Multiple Sclerosis is explored through the husband and possible treatments. 

I did find the pacing of the story to be slow at times but overall I enjoyed it.  The characters are great!



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