Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Would You Like a Pearl for Christmas?

Dorothea Benton Frank shares a holiday novella with us.  This novella takes place at Christmas time in Charleston South Carolina.  You are invited for a down home low country Christmas. Did you ever wish that a special person could come and help you celebrate Christmas? 


Theodora’s family has been for generations in one house.  The grandparents, parents and children all lived together for years.  This was how Christmas in the family was celebrated until the present.  Her children still live with her at the house, but her grandchildren are elsewhere in Charleston and Atlanta Georgia. Will they find their way home for Christmas?  The night before Christmas eve the chef who normally takes care of the family has to leave on a family emergency.  Who will take care of them over the holiday?  Enter Pearl who comes to clean up the mess that Theodora in her family, is here to the set things to right?  Can Pearl do it?

My Thoughts: 

I have become a recent fan of Dorothea Benton Frank novels.  I was not as much a fan of this one.  I think I would have liked it better in full novel format.  The first part of the novel is Theodora is narrating and telling you why the family is the way that they are.  It could have been told more fully in a full novel format.  I did enjoy the character of Pearl.  We all need someone like her in our lives! 

The recipes included in the story are located at the back of the novel are from the author’s background.

Here is to the next Dorothea Benton Frank novel!



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