Thursday, December 31, 2015

Just In Time For Christmas

Thank you to Kim Boykin for sharing this holiday story with us in exchange for an honest review.  This is her short story in the Maudlin Brother series.  You can also check out other stories in this series by Kim Boykin.  What better way to share the joy of the holiday season!  Now it is time to visit Magnolia Bay!


Miranda Hamilton is excited to be chairing the Magnolia Bay Holiday Festival that benefits her mother’s charity.  She finally got control of it from the two ladies who previously chaired it.  So when the mayor announces that Logan Maudlin wants to also chair the Festival and that her nemesis Pammy is included as a member of the committee?  What will Miranda do?  Will she accept Pammy’s plan for a bachelor’s auction as a part of the festivities?  Will she allow Logan to be more than a colleague?

My Thoughts:

Kim Boykin tells a great story!  It is a romance, but it happens at the holiday season.  She creates likable characters that you the reader can get behind and support such as Miranda and Logan Maudlin.  I loved the setting of the low country.  The fictious town of Magnolia Bay is described well that I would consider moving there myself. 

The story was great!  I just didn’t enjoy following the romance part of the story.  It was predictable to me about what would happen next.  If you love romances then this story is for you. I did enjoy certain aspects of the story mentioned above.    I can’t wait to see what Kim shares with us next!



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  1. What a lovely birthday present, my friend. Thanks for the lovely review. I hope 2016 is going to be spectacular for both of us and that you will continue to kick butt.

    1. Thank you Kim! I hope you had a great birthday! To many more celebrations in 2016. :)