Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What Did They Find?

The night before diagnosis I was in prayer at my bedside when God spoke to me.  He said “What if I have a plan to provide that will not be what you had in mind?”  I knew that tomorrow would be a big day either I would be getting a diagnosis of just an infection and discussing medication and moving into an apartment in Lilburn; or I would have to cancel the apartment and learn about cancer treatment.  I continued to hope that cancer was not in my future.

My worst fear was realized when I was diagnosed with Stage Three Inflammatory Breast Cancer with my parents on speaker phone with the surgeon.  The day became a blur for me after that.  I talked with my parents and called my friends Gina and Dawn.  I managed to make it to work for an hour because I had an appointment with my first Oncologist.  I was told once again that the diagnosis was confirmed that and that I would start Chemotherapy right away.  I would have twenty sessions. 

After leaving the Oncologist’s Office I locked myself in a single stall bathroom and thought that my life was over.  For the first time ever in my working life I asked my parents to call my boss and tell her that I would be back tomorrow.  

My friends and family tried to tell me that this was not the case that there would be life after cancer.  It wasn’t until I had talked with a breast cancer survivor Ellen who I had met while attending events at FoxTale Book Shoppe.  I asked if we could talk.  That night we talked and I laughed for the first time and had hope for survival.  I craved speaking to other survivors.  Ellen asked me to come to this author’s premier party for her latest book later that week.   This event also benefited breast cancer.  I attended and was glad to support this author.  I was glad to get support from Ellen and her staff in my journey.  They continue to be a source of encouragement for me

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