Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Would You Choose Marriage to Make Someone Else Happy?

Zondervan in 2014 asked some of its most popular authors if they would contribute a story about weddings.  An October Bride is Katie Ganshert’s a story.   It is my first time reading this author.


Emma is retrieving mail for her parents at their home when she finds her dad’s bucket list.  Her father has brain cancer.  So what could she do to please him?  She starts to read the list and comes to the part where her father wants to walk her down the aisle.  Emma is not currently engaged.  She was at the time of her father’s diagnosis to Chase.  She broke it off with him.  Will she find someone to walk her down the aisle?

My Thoughts: 

Katie Ganshert is a new author for me and one I wanted to read and share with you.  It is October now, but I read this book earlier in the year.  When I was diagnosed with cancer myself.  To read this story was difficult for me.  The story is set in Mayfair Wisconsin.  There are very interesting characters with the Bunco babes and Liam the brother of Emma, and some others. 

This story is told in first person.  I did not enjoy the way it was written.  I have read other stories told in first person and found them more enjoyable.  The word “I” is not used so often and is still told from the main character’s perspective.  I would read others novels by Kate Ganshert in the future and look forward to her continued evolving work, but this one was not my favorite.



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