Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Best Beach Read I Have Read In a Long Time!

Thank you to Atria books for a copy of Lake Season by Hannah McKinnon in exchange for an honest review.  I have read many novels, but none like this.  So when a story really grips me and compels me to finish then I know that I can’t want to share it with you!  The Lake Season makes a great beach read this summer!


Nothing seems to be going right for Iris Standish.  She can’t get her family on the right track once her husband Paul tells her that he wants to separate.  Then an embarrassing episode takes place at her daughter’s soccer game.  What could be the solution?  How about a break to visit her family in the lake country in New Hampshire.  While she received a card from her sister asking to come up this summer, is there more to the story?  Will Leah truly tell her what has been going on as she prepares for her wedding? Or will Iris find it out from a different source? 

My Thoughts: 

I loved this novel!  I highly recommend this it for a great beach read!  I loved the style of writing of how the author kept me both interested and ready to move forward in progressing through the novel.  The plot wove beautifully within the story.   The characters are great fun to read.  It left you wondering what is truly going with Leah and their mother?

The delimma that Iris faced in this story I truly understand.  Even now I have a friend who asks me what is it that I really want?  This is something that Iris has to decide throughout the novel. I was initially disappointed with her choice but the author had a satisfying conclusion.



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  1. The fact that you were at first disappointed with the choice but satisfied with how the author ended the book has me adding it to my TBR list. Great review!