Monday, July 13, 2015

Is Balance Truly Possible? by Tina Guyden

The Balance Project attempts to answer the question posed by men and women the world over—is it possible to give equally of yourself to all facets of your life? Thank you to Susie Orman Schnall and SparkPress for sharing a copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review.


Lucy Cooper is so much more than an assistant to Katherine Whitney, chief operating officer of Green Goddess & Company. When we meet Lucy, she is waiting in the green room of the Today Show as Katherine is being interviewed by Matt Lauer about her book “The Balance Project.’ Its premise being that it is entirely possible to be a successful executive, a fully engaged spouse, an involved parent and happy. This premise motivates Lucy along with countless other women who have read the book to strive for that elusive balance. Lucy’s plan was to use working with Katherine as a springboard to her own career as a marketing and content web designer. However, being Katherine’s assistant, helping her to maintain a balanced life, has caused the complete opposite in Lucy’s life. Will she be able to keep the balance?  Will the people in her life such as her boyfriend be supportive?

My Thoughts:

I did enjoy reading The Balance Project. However, it was difficult to feel much empathy for either Lucy or Katherine. My overall feeling was that neither woman was completely honest with herself about what their respective lives truly looked like. I am not against a wife or mother having a successful career. I am against this notion that anyone can truly give equally to all aspects of life. It’s just not possible all the time. If you need help maintaining balance, be honest about that, and respect those that make your balanced life possible.



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