Friday, June 19, 2015

What Could Really Give You Everything You Want? By Josephine Mattia

Cassandra Harte shares a story filled with faith, patience and trust in Alretha Thomas new novel. Thank you to Ms. Thomas and Diverse Arts Collections Publications for a copy of this novel Baby in the Window in exchange for an honest for review.  College Graduate Cassandra Harte has everything a woman could want: A wonderful husband, successful career and a lovely home. However, there is one thing she cannot have and that’s a child of her own.


She tries to go through ovulation calendars and when that doesn’t work, she relies on prayer. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, she juggles being a stepmother to two children the results are negative. She turns to countless family members and friends for advice.  Cassandra deals the realities of being a stepmother towards Nick’s children, Brian and Renee. While the former brings pride and joy in Cass’s life, the latter does not. Renee blames Cassandra for her mother Katrina’s death.  Nick’s parents but the plan backfires when Renee goes missing at Disneyworld by Jake, a handyman. Will Renee continue to cause problems between Cassandra and her Father? Will Cassandra and Nick find what they are looking for?

My Thoughts:

The Baby in the Window is a magnificent novel. Ms. Thomas did a wonderful job of creating these characters, making you feel as if you knew them already after reading. There are no words to describe the author’s writing, because it is flawless and the tone has a conversational style. She makes it seem like the character is talking to you to share your story. Nevertheless, the message of the book is clear: Put your trust in God and wait on him.


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