Thursday, February 12, 2015

Come Lean In With Me!

I recently found a copy of Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In in the donations for the Friends of the Library Book Sale.  It intrigued me and I thought that I might check it out.  So come take a seat at the table and lean into my thoughts on Lean In.

In this book Sheryl shares with us about modern feminism.  She begins by discussing the history of the Womens’ movement.  It is important to see how important the work of this movement influences the current generation. She takes us through the past and uses several sociological studies to support her conclusions.  

The topics mostly focus on the struggle for women to grow and maintain leadership in the job force.  Do women really need to have permission to join the good old boys network?   Can we expect true partnership with a future mate or our current mate in marriage?  Are men open to the possibilities of including women? 

In the work place what is defined as true mentorship of a colleague?  How can women gain this type of mentorship?  Is there still room to grow for both genders?

My Thoughts: 

I was very interested in Sheryl’s message to women.   She expresses the message very well through using both the sociological studies and her own experiences.   Her ultimate message is that we women need to stick together.  We also need to be considered equals with our male counterparts.   I hope that this is something that we can see growth in the future.  I hope that true partners are available in the future. 

I would attribute much of Ms. Sandberg’s success to networking.  She had the right contacts to move forward in her career.  She also is obviously gifted in the business field.  I agree with her that networking is the key to moving forward in any career.   I still struggle with wanting to stay at a company rather than looking for the necessary pieces to move forward to the next opportunity. 

You can check out various Lean In communities on Facebook or find more information on the Lean In Organization on Facebook Page, Twitter, or Website.



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