Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Can the Tide Include Waves from the Past?

Thank you to Library Journal for the fabulous recommendation of Gina Holmes.  I recently had a chance to read her novel Driftwood Tides.  I could not wait for an opportunity to share her work with you.  I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed!


Libby Slater just picked up the lab results of genetic compatibility test with some interesting results.  This test should show the type of family she and Rob her fiancé should have.  The major difference is the blood work which Libby confronts her mother Caroline.  Caroline reveals that Libby is adopted.  Who are her real parents?  Her mother Adele was killed in a car accident long ago, but her father is still alive.   Holton is an artist that creates fabulous pieces of art out of driftwood.  There are some complications such as Holton has been unable to get over the death of his wife.  The second is how he chose to deal with the problem.  Will Libby be able to get through and reveal herself or will it be too late?  Will her actual family give her the room to learn who she really is?

My Thoughts: 

As I mentioned above Gina Holmes is a new author to me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this novel Driftwood Tides!  I found it extremely easy to read!  It is also well written!  The genre is Christian fiction.  She strikes me as being similar to Elin Hilderbrand.   I look forward to reading others.  The author has chosen to tackle some difficult topics with alcoholism, adoption, and control.   She also explores the ability of Libby the daughter to break away from both her mother and her fiancé to truly become who she is meant to be. 

This novel would be great for a Readathon or to read at the beach!



Please visit Gina on her Facebook page and her Website.

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