Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How Well Do You Really Know Someone?

This is the question that Jane Green answers in her latest novel Saving Grace.  Thank you to Tandem Literary and St. Martin’s Press for a copy of this book exchange for an honest review. 


Grace has had a difficult childhood.  Her mother had Bipolar disorder and she  swore that she would be nothing like her mother.  Although she has found an adopted family over time in England, she has lost touch recently.  Does she really have everything she could ever want?  Her marriage to famous author Ted Chapman has had its ups and downs over the year.  The old assistant Ellen has helped to keep things running smoothly between Grace and Ted.  One problem she is leaving to take care of her ill mother.  Who will take her place?  Enter Beth McCarthy the dream assistant. Is she really?

My Thoughts: 

An author writes what she knows. This is definitely case with Saving Grace.  I hope that you were able to see the videos posted previously where Jane discusses the experiences that led up to this book.  She always has a way of creating memorable characters.  Story is told through Grace the main character.  I very much felt for her in the beginning of the story.  I found it hard to turn the pages initially because of what Grace experienced.  Once the climax in the story occurred I wanted to find out what the conclusion would be.  Beth seemed a little predictable to me initially and I felt that I had some idea of where the plot would go.  I was wrong of course. 

The plot was not as predictable as I thought. 

 Another great novel by Jane Green!



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