Thursday, January 8, 2015

How I Write

Are you a writer who wants to know how to progress in their manuscript?  If you are I have the book just for you!  How I Write Secrets of a Bestselling author by Janet Evanovich, Ina Yalof, and Alex Evanovich.  This book is constructed from the many questions on Janet’s website in the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ.   I did not realize how in depth or what kinds of questions were submitted to Janet.  They are enough to create this informative book.   

This book is divided into eight parts.  The topics are:  Creating Great Characters, Nuts and Bolts, Revising and Editing, Getting Published, Bits and Pieces, The Writing Life, and the Quick Reference to the resources for this book.   In each section a question listed and Janet answers with Ina Yalof providing creative writing insight.
My Thoughts: 

I found this book to be a great reference point for my writing.  I also know that it will help others.  When assessing a book such as this I look for something that I can take away that might be different or unique from other resources.

I found the information about publishing process once the manuscript was submitted very informative.  She also discusses what a writing advance means in regards to sales and how the royalties will translate into profit for you the writer.  

One aspect I might copy and keep for myself is the chart for editing the manuscript once it is finished. 

The only part of the book that seemed to not interest me some topics were repetitive.  Always to take what benefits you as the writer the most.     

This book to be very useful!



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