Thursday, December 11, 2014

Will Big Stone Gap Ever Be the Same?

Home to Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani is the final novel in the Big Stone Gap Series.  For me this was an introduction to some great characters.  I certainly hope that you will enjoy them too!


Ave Maria has recently returned from Italy and her daughter’s wedding.  How will life continue now that the nest is empty?  Memories resurface about her son Joe who died of Leukemia.  All of sudden she receives a call from her husband’s work stating he has had a heart attack.  Ave Maria rushes to the hospital and finds this list or a bucket list her husband has written.  Can she let him know that she has found it?  Ave Maria suddenly finds herself with obligations to the town theater and as well as her friends.  What surprises are in store for both Ave Maria and Jack?

My Thoughts: 

This is my second Adriana Trigiani novel. I very much enjoyed it.  I listened to this novel.  I thought the narration was excellent.  It left me with feeling quite contented.  I feel that this is what truly makes a novel great!

The only major negative for me is that this novel is the last in the series.  I knew more of the story then I would have liked to because the previous novels were mentioned.  I still very much enjoyed the story. 

The characters were well developed.  Ave Maria has grown over the previous novels to include her current doubts and fears.  The author in the plot uses a major incident with Jack to change her.  Jack is the calming force behind the gusto of Ave Maria.  Then there is the rest of the town that adds great color to the story.



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