Friday, December 12, 2014

How to Heal and Receive Forgiveness

Today I am sharing a Read for Pink novel The Time Between by Karen White.  Karen writes historical fiction.  Her stories are full of relationship and conflict.  Did I truly enjoy the novel or was it a dud?


Eleanor is taking care of her sister as a means of guilt searching for her forgiveness.  She is haunted by the death of her father.  Eleanor was seventeen years old, when Eve had her accident and was taken to the hospital.  As a result of the accident Eve is confined to a wheelchair. The accident would be a defining moment in both their lives.  Her life is complicated by working two jobs to make ends meet.  She works at a law firm during the day, a Piano Player in a bar at night. While working there, she encounters her boss Finn Beaufin, and offers her a position to take care of his aunt, Helena Szarka. She finds herself drawn to Helen through their mutual experiences in life.  Plus, the choices she’s made, like how she’s not married.  Can they forgive the people who mean the most in their lives? Can they help each other heal?

My Thoughts:

This novel was fantastic! I loved the mixture of fiction and history blended in together.  Ms. White did a fantastic job describing each character. Eleanor is a great protagonist. At the same time, I wanted her not to feel so much guilt for herself. I guess it was due to the many circumstances such as the accident and the death of her father.  Ms. White draws you towards the character of Eleanor and offer comfort. The relationship that she has with Helena throughout makes for great conflict throughout the novel.   

The writing was flawless, and the tone wad dramatic. If you are into contemporary fiction, then I suggest you check this book out. by Josephine Mattia

Rating: 5/5

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