Thursday, December 18, 2014

Silent Night

“Silent Night, Holy Night.”  So goes the opening to the favorite Christmas carol Silent
Night begins.   We are discussing today the short story by Colleen Coble Silent Night.            


Bree and Kade are getting ready to celebrate Christmas with their family.  Lauri Kade’s sister comes home early from college.  Her excuse is illness but could there be more to her story?  After this initial confrontation; Bree is called out to search with her search dog Samson for a sky diver who did not make his landing.  Will she be able to find him in time?

My Thoughts:

Silent Night comes from one of Colleen’s  Rock Harbor series, and is classified as a novella.   I am not familiar with this series but this story had my interest from the beginning.  I wondered what would happen to these characters and how would it affect the characters?  I also wondered if another case mentioned in the story was part of one of the last novels in the series.  I did some research but could not find the any connection.

The story is great and has an awesome mystery!  Since this is a short story the mystery is quick and followed by a great Christmas celebration.  Readers will be entertained and enjoy both the mystery and celebration of Christmas.



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