Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Is It Your Turn to Walk Down the Aisle?

The December Bride by Denise Hunter is the first in the series of novellas by Zondervan.  There is a bride for every month.  Today we will discuss Denise’s novel.


Layla has to find a date to her cousins wedding to her fiancée.  Well he is not her fiancée  anymore.  So why would she go to his wedding?  Anyone would understand her not attending this wedding.  Yes, but he is marrying her cousin Jessica.  Seth who has been a friend and would like nothing more than to be there for Layla.  So when Layla’s date cancels and she agrees to go with Seth what could possibly happen?  Is the wedding the opportunity for Seth to make his move?

My Thoughts:

I very much enjoyed this story.  It seemed almost scripted and seamless as I turned each page.  This is my first time reading a novella by Denise Hunter.  I think she may have found a new fan.  One note is this novel is connected to the Chapel Springs series.  The first novel in this series is Barefoot Summer.   I am interested in learning more  about  these characters in this series. 

Don’t miss the rest of the novellas  in this great Bridal series!


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