Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How Do Choices Impact Others?

The Widow’s Choice is one of the few remaining novels in the House of Winslow series that I hadn’t read.  We are into World War II and how does this impact the members of the Winslow family?  We meet a new character Alona Winslow Jennings who is the daughter of Cassidy and Serena Winslow.  She is not mentioned in previous novels.  So what do I think of this one?


Alona Jennings couldn’t be happier with her family, her husband Truman Jennings and their three sons Tim, Carl, and Zachary.  One day out while out with her husband and family he points out a bunch of crows in the sky.  He then refers to it as a crow summer.  This means that something bad is about to happen.  Alona doesn’t put much stock in this saying until she gets news of her husband’s death.  Although she receives a settlement from the quarry where he worked, she finds herself a widow during the Great Depression.  How will she provide for her family?  Will the next man who comes along be the right answer?

My Thoughts: 

I have loved reading The House of Winslow series.  I don’t know that this novel was particularly my favorite in the series.  The character of Alona was interesting to me because Alona is not listed as a character in the previous novels in the series.   The other characters to me really followed the typical formula for a House of Winslow novel.

The one surprise for me was the plot.  It became more of a disappointment.  One plot device that the author uses is to have a member of the Winslow family start out as the bad apple that redeems him or herself.  Since I have seen this plot before the story became predictable.  This time there is one twist where the bad apple is not a Winslow but one of the other characters in the novel. 
Always continue with the series!



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