Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Tribute to be Remembered

Have you ever had someone that you thought of as a mystery?  Someone from your past that has impacted you but there were suspicious circumstances of their death.  Nora Robert tells us the story of Cilla and her famous grandmother Janet Hardy in Tribute.


Cilla has recently bought the family farm.  She purchased it from her mother this farm is the former home to her grandmother Janet Hardy who bought it from her biological father’s family.  Cilla hopes to rehab it and make it a home.  This farm is located across the road from a former lawyer and author Sawyer Ford.   As she proceeds with the renovations mishaps occur.  Will she be able to continue once the damage has been done?  Is Ford Sawyer more than neighborly?   Are these mishaps connected the mystery of Janet Hardy’s death?  Will Cilla also be at risk?

My Thoughts:

I liked this Nora Roberts novel.  The plot where the protagonist is renovating a house as a do it your self project to be an interesting read.  It makes you want to find out how it would turn out.  The other aspect that makes the story interesting is character.  This author is known for creating strong characters.  Cilla is the protagonist who is a child star that has turned into a house flipper who no longer wants the Hollywood life.  Ford her romantic interest is a former lawyer who writes graphic novels.  It is symbolic to note that both of these characters have switched or in the process of switching careers.   We the readers get to take the journey of discovery with Cilla and Ford.

The plot of this novel had many twists and turns.  I expected some and there were others that were a surprise.  I was a little disappointed with the lull between plot points in the novel. 

This novel is enjoyable and I would recommend picking it up!



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