Monday, October 6, 2014

Did Tina Get Swept Away with Sea Swept?

I’ve just revisited one of my favorite authors Nora Roberts.  She wrote one of my favorite series, the Chesapeake Bay Saga.  By the way, “saga” doesn’t begin to describe the various intertwining and outcomes in this series, which start in Sea Swept.


Sea Swept introduces us to the Quinn Brothers.  These four men are adopted by Ray and Stella, a professor and his pediatrician wife.   Nora Roberts often starts her characters in less than stellar surroundings, and come complete with baggage suitable to their beginnings.  Cam the troubled teen was introduced to Ray while attempting to hotwire Stella’s prized Corvette which is the focus of this novel.  Ray and Stella invited Cam to become part of this amazing family, instead of being arrested or abused.  He grew up in a home filled with love, discipline, a sense of duty and loyalty. These gifts given to Cam and to each of the other boys who found their way to Ray and Stella.  His other brothers are Phillip and Ethan.  Will they be ready to welcome their new brother Seth?  What input will Anna the social worker have on Cam and his family?

My Thoughts:

I am a huge fan of an engrossing storyline, and Sea Swept has that and more.  Ms. Roberts wrote three additional books to give each brother his due. What struck me most about this book, which is funny considering this, was the fourth time I’ve read it.  This kind of story never gets old.  I still laugh at the interaction between Cam and Anna, or Cam and his brothers. I get angry at the “two steps forward, one step back” approach Cam takes with any relationship that isn’t with his brothers. I still cry and cheer when Cam gets his happily ever after.   I immediately started reading the next book in the series!  Like any good romance, there is lots of sexual tension, witty banter, and a nearly heartbreaking misunderstanding.  Creates great plots which make it nearly impossible to put the book down until the inevitable but satisfying happy ending.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sea Swept by Nora Roberts.

by Tina Guyden
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