Thursday, August 21, 2014

What Is Most Precious to You?

What is most precious to you?  This question is the one that Mary Alice Monroe answers through her novel Summer Girls.  She discusses  the traits of the bottle nose dolphin and how it affects both human and animal.


This summer will be different!  The summer girls will be back this summer if Mamaw has her way.  Carson the middle daughter is the first one to return home and has no problem coming back out of work and looking for a fresh start.  The best part of going to her Mamaw is that Sea Breeze her residence is on the ocean.  She lives for the water and can’t wait each morning to hit the beach.  One morning while on surfing she meets a dolphin who protects her from a shark attack.  Little does she know how special this dolphin will become.  Mamaw also invites her two other half-sisters Dora and Harper.  There is one catch they must stay for the summer.  Will the sisters follow through?  What will happen to the dolphin?

My Thoughts:

Well this is the next novel you should read this summer!  Summer Girls tells mainly Carson’s story and gives you the back story on the rest of the family.  The pages were easy to turn.  I couldn’t wait to find out more! 

When I saw Mary Alice Monroe during her tour for this novel she discussed the relevant topics.  One of the topics is how the emotions of the dolphin caring for their young.  This is illustrated by mamaw’s ultimatum and advice throughout.  I was a little surprised that the dolphin itself was included in order to tell the story.   Many facts are listed in the back of the novel about how to support the care of dolphins.  She also described therapy with the dolphins and how it helped veterans and others. 

The setting at the beach is always a plus.  The conflict was a little predictable but still a great read! 

I can’t wait for the next novel and I don’t think you should either!


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