Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Are You Ready to Score?

Four to the Score is the fourth installment in the Stephanie Plum series.  What could possibly happen this time?  Well stay tuned to find out!


Stephanie’s next case is to find Maxine Nowicki.  She has been working on the case and chasing leads.  Then she runs into complication that is her cousin Joyce Barnhardt thwarting her every move.  One lead leads her to Eddie Kuntz who hires her to find Maxine as long as he can see her before Stephanie turns her in.  All she needs to do is follow the clues.  What she didn’t count on is losing her car and her apartment.  Where will she go?  How can Ranger and Morrelli help her this time?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this one from Janet Evanovich.  I was able to listen to this one as well.  This time it was narrated by CJ Critt.  I enjoyed her telling of the story.  I thought she distinctly separated all the characters so you knew who was who. This audio version was a little longer than Three to Get Deadly.

What could possibly happen to Stephanie next?  I thought the case was interesting.  I did wonder would Stephanie get her perp?   The tension between Stephanie and Morrelli was very entertaining.  The author left you wondering if they ever would get together.  I wonder if that still might happen down the line.  We shall have to see.

The author also treats you to learning more about the Trenton New Jersey area.  I am sure that some of the areas are fictionalized for the novel.  I wonder if the author plans to take Stephanie outside of New Jersey.

A very entertaining read!


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