Friday, June 6, 2014

Where Will Life Take You?

Paulette Jiles  novel the Lighthouse Island  in this dark and humorous novel.  Thank you to William Morrow for this copy in exchange for an honest review.  Nadia Stepan goes on an adventure to find Lighthouse Island.


The Story begins at Sisson Bend neighborhood, where Nadia Stepan also known as Raisa was abandoned by her parents.   She was just a young child and her parents left her a gift.  The North Star and it symbolizes that her parents are always present.  Raisa is shipped off to a foster home, and becomes partially blind. As a result, she finds refuge by reading books. The world of fantasy became an escape, since she could not be around kids her age.  Then she takes on a new identity at the hospital as Nadia Stepan.   Nadia soon tires of being at one foster home after another.  One day she hears about Lighthouse Island. There might be a way to find her parents there.  Could it also offer peace and happiness?

My Thoughts:

This novel was quite interesting. There were some parts of the novel that I enjoyed.   Such as the journey to find out whether Nadia would make it to the island or not.  The plot kept my interest for most of  the story.  The character of Thin Sam Kenobi took Nadia under her wing, and taught her the ways of life.  The other characters supported Nadia and Thin Sam Kenobi well and provided a great back drop for the story.  I was not a fan of some aspects of the plot.  The author left to many questions unanswered for me.  I would have like to see the ending turn out differently for all the characters involved.   If you love coming-of-age/sci-fi/adventure novels, I suggest you check out this one. by Josephine Mattia



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