Monday, June 2, 2014

How Would a Rock Star Change Your Life?

Would you choose to become part of a rock star’s life?  What would be the pitfalls or conflicts involved.  


With the encouragement of her friend, Emily Watts decides she needs to get out more and stop spending all her free time working on her fashion blog and writing assignments.   She goes to a friend Jesse’s concert where she meets another musician, Cory. He and Emily have a whirlwind romance until Emily finds out more about where their relationship stands on the tabloids.   Jesse swoops in to help Emily with her heartache, but are his motives pure or is he just after some time with the new Tabloid Queen?

My Thoughts:

I was not a huge fan of this book.  The overall plot was great but it was not executed well.  In the beginning we are introduced to Emily and Jesse who obviously have some kind of history, but we never really find out in detail what that is.   We are also told about Emily’s online blogging fashion website which sounds really interesting but then it is just randomly mentioned until the end of the book when the author decides to make it a plot point.

  I enjoyed hearing about how the social media and tabloids were run and how celebrities could use it to manipulate their careers, but that was about it.  In the end I didn’t find the main character likeable, which I believe was due to the inconsistency in which she was portrayed. by Alicia Kociuba


2/ 5

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