Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Can Bella Take a Chance?

Michele Gorman recently released Bella Summer Takes a Chance through Notting Hill Press.    She explores the question.  Can one have passion in a relationship?  Would you agree that his particular ingredient is needed?


Bella has just broken up recently with her boyfriend Mattias.  Have they really broken up?  Bella also known as B. continues to see him.  Her plan is to see other guys while enjoying her trip to Zurich for work.   Where will fate take her once the trip is canceled and the job is no more?  Her friends encourage her to get back together with Mattias.  That it is fate and just be happy. Is it really possible to have love that is full of passion?  B. evens consults her friend Marjory the elderly mentor who has had a full life but also tries to help her in her search.  Will she truly find what she is looking for?

My Thoughts: 

This is the second Michele Gorman novel that I have had the opportunity to share with you.  I thought that it was definitely different and showed particular growth by author in her writing style. Also her characters came across as very authentic and with real struggles that are relatable.  I was not a fan of B.’s desperation at times with her relationships. 

The question of what is more important in a relationship having passion or just settling?  Most single people would refer to B.’s dilemma as just settling with Mattias.  The great question is can there be absolute passion in a relationship?  For me the answer is sure but what makes a relationship truly last?  To me this would be great passion and friendship. I don’t know that I would see Mattias as settling.  Like B. I would want the most out of life and the people I encounter. 



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