Thursday, May 15, 2014

What actors would you cast in a film adaptation of LOOKING FOR ME?


Thank you to Beth Hoffman to day for stopping by Writer's Corner.  She is sharing how she would cast Looking For Me.   She is currently touring to celebrate it's release to paperback.

Teddi Overman  - Rachel McAdams wins the lead role. Her voice and physical characteristics are spot-on. There’s something about her that’s “real” and unaffected.


Josh Overman – Josh has few spoken lines, yet he’s a driving force in the story. A loner with an otherworldly connection to nature, his underlying energy is volcanic. Logan Lerman resembles Josh physically and has the intense look.


Henry Overman – Without a doubt I’d pick Sam Shepard to play Teddi’s dad. He has a rugged and powerful screen presence that’s perfect for a war veteran and farmer.


Frannie Overman – Sissy Spacek would be brilliant as Teddi’s mom. She plays rural Southern characters like nobody else. When she takes on a roll, she owns it.


Albert James Pickens – This role was made for Dennis Haysbert. He has the low voice and demeanor to play Albert and, like Albert, he’s physically formidable.


Olivia Dupree - I think Debra Messing would be terrific. She’s got that fiery, funny, whacky and vulnerable way about her that reminds me of Olivia.


Grammy Belle –Ellen Burstyn’s voice has a unique quiver and lilt, and there’s a softness and wisdom about her that radiates on screen.


Sam Poteet –This small but important role goes to Jon Hamm. He has the talent, looks, voice, natural mannerisms, and same sense of humor as Sam.


Stella Rose –Kathy Bates would be ideal as Stella in every way imaginable. I believe that just about everyone who has read LOOKING FOR ME would agree.


Inez – I can’t imagine anyone playing this feisty, sarcastic, and smart character better than Rhea Perlman. And the bonus is that she’s tiny like Inez.

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  1. Perfect choices! Let's get this movie started!!!