Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stars In My Eyes By Julie Shackman

When Jencey told me the subject of her anniversary Guest Posts was, “Who would you cast in your novel?” I was delighted, as I’m sure the other writers were as well.

This is something I think a lot of writers hyperventilate over (or at least I do). Imagining your novel coming to life on the screen (big or small) and seeing actors talking your words.

With my contemporary romance novel Rock My World, I had a rough idea right from when I started jotting down ideas and characters, who I could imagine (or hope!) would portray my characters.

Stevie Vee, my ghostly 80s rock singer, is charismatic, talented and has a waterfall of brown curls Jon Bon Jovi would have been envious of. For me, somebody like the lovely “Musketeers”, “Merlin” and “Heroes” actor Santiago Cabrera would make the perfect Stevie. He has presence in bucket loads; possesses a definite twinkle and has the class and charm of the many of the dashing film stars of the 1940s.

For my hero, the sexy, arrogant journalist Matt Jardine – there is only one man for me – Bradley Cooper. Combine that lupine grin with those wolfish eyes and the toffee coloured, messy hair and he is Matt.  He is confident, attractive and flirty, with understated charm – he would portray Matt Jardine perfectly, in my opinion. There’s also a slight edge to Matt which makes him even more appealing and Bradley Cooper seems to have perfected that in every role he undertakes.

For my protagonist, the passionate, arty but often clumsy Ruby Cameron, I think Natalie Portman (with blonde curls) would make me weep.  She seems to effortlessly portray her characters with depth, vulnerability and a hint of defiance, that Ruby often has!  She also has dreamy eyes and an innocence about her, which can be breath-taking. 

For my villain, the dark Peter de Marlow, somebody like the fab “Musketeers” and “The Hobbit” actor Ryan Gage would be heavenly.  He makes acting look easy and has the type pf screen aura and smile that you cannot ignore.  Ryan Gage would make Peter de Marlow an intimidating, intelligent and calculating “baddie” with a definite swirl of the debonair.

So there you have it – I’m back in the real world now! 
I hope you enjoyed reading my fantasy cast for Rock My World.  Oh and if Mr Spielberg or any other Directors are reading this, please call me…!

Here are the links where you can find Rock My World to purchase:   Amazon UK  and Amazon.

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